Microtek IT-1520 Non Contact Infrared Thermometer (White, Pack of 1) Thermometer

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  • Power Source: 2 AA(No. 5) Alkaline Batteries DC-3V
  • Tricolor Backlit LCD Screen Display
  • Features: Accurate- Accuracy upto ± 0.36°F, Calibration- Quick & Easy Calibration feature for accurate measurement, Ultra-Fast: measures the body’s temperature in less than 1 minute, Measuring Distance- Works accurately at any distance between 1 to 15 cm, °C and °F Switchable- Easily switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius, Temperature Alarm- In case of high temperature gives audio and visual indications, Memory- Can store up to 32 readings, Easy to Use- One-Key Measurement, Auto Shutdown, Ergonomic & Energy Saving Design, Screen Display- Large Screen with back light which helps to see readings in all lighting conditions, 3 Color Range of Temperature- Green: T < 99.1°F Yellow: 99.1°F < T < 100.2°F Red: T > 100.2°F, Non Contact- Measure the temperature from forehead of the human body without touching the skin, 3-In-1 Measurement- Body, Object & Room Temperature
  • Auto Shut OFF
  • Microtek Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer is advanced technology product that is used to measure the temperature of Body, Object or Room based on the relationship between temperature and measurable infrared radiation. Simply aim the probe toward the surface to be measured to obtain a quick and accurate temperature reading.


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