EasyJet urged to give flight attendant a pay rise after his sassy safety demo

All those that have jetted abroad will recognise the obligatory safety demo carried out by flight attendants before take off.

The usual pre-flight briefing consists of safety measures, including putting on a life vest, and putting on your seatbelt, where the emergency exists areā€¦ you get the picture.

The safety demo – which has undoubtedly been carried out thousands of times – could benefit from some fine-tuning and entertaining – and a cabin crew member named Zavie did just that.

On Friday, 8 July, Laura Saraby was ready to jet off to Amsterdam, whilst she prepped for the usual announcement – but was instead wowed by beaming EasyJet cabin crew member Zavie.

The sassy flight attendant grooved through the recording and delivered the safety demo whilst flamboyantly busting a groove.

Laura, 27, was stunned as the air host threw on his life jacket and began strutting down the aisle.

Zavie hilariously gyrated and pulled enthusiastic faces as he went through the pre-flight announcement.

In the clip, mesmerised Gatwick travellers watched as the EasyJet employee tugged the safety cord with gusto, in a bid to liven up the usually-dull demo.

Holiday goer Laura – who works in insurance – whipped out her camera to film it and shared the hilarious clip on TikTok.

Users of the popular social media streaming site called for Zavie to get a pay rise or even his own airline – as views to date currently surpass 175,000.

Laura, from Oval, London, said: “We were heading to Amsterdam for a long weekend.

“I just saw the flight attendants do the fun dance and thought it would make a good TikTok.

“This was just before take-off. He was definitely trying to make it more entertaining. It was quite funny. The flight attendant found me on TikTok.

“Everyone else was enjoying it and he seemed to be loving it.

“He was just doing the usual flight attendant stuff after that. All I remember was the dance.”

Laura shared that she missed Zavie’s presence on her flight home from her trip – and was “sad” that he wasn’t there.

“On the way back, I flew back with EasyJet but sadly he wasn’t there,” she said.

“I’ve not seen anything like this before. Safety announcements are usually a bit boring.”

Zavie – who has worked for EasyJet since the start of the year – claimed he hoped the video would “uplift” people.

The flight attendant, from Leicester, Leicestershire, said: “I find that when people get on board, they’ve had so much stress going through the whole airport process.

“They’ve been up for hours or they’ve been travelling with kids.

“The airport process these days is very stressful, regardless of whether you’ve got self-check-in, or speedy boarding.

“I was feeling a bit of a vibe that people were tired of the gate staff and there were a couple of days on this flight.”

Whilst Zavie reiterated the importance of safety, he shared that people will still “chat away” and, therefore, he has to “find ways to engage”.

He continued: “I started my safety demonstration as normal and I realised no one was really engaging, so I did a couple of moves to start off with then got some laughs.”

“When the laughs started rolling, other people started to pay attention and I could see as far as the back row were trying to look down the aircraft to see what was going on.

“I continued on and started dancing to the safety demo. I was obviously doing all the mandatory bits that needed to be done, but I was just making them a bit more extravagant.

“I wanted to show we can make it fun and it doesn’t have to always be so serious, but we need to know what to do in the event of an emergency.

“People have said they were paying attention to the safety demonstration after I started doing the dramatics.

“This might be something I might do additionally on other flights. I think it will really uplift people.”

After spotting he had gone viral, Zavie commented on Laura’s video thanking her for the support.

Zavie said: “Glad you enjoyed my demo.”

On TikTok, viewers rushed to the comment section to praise the dancing demo – while others called for the daring worker to get a pay rise.

A viewer wrote: “What a fabulous way to get the [passengers] to pay attention during safety demo.”

The lively flight attendant replied: “All eyes on me. Safety is very important.”

Another penned: “Yassss, Zavie best get that pay rise!”

A third wrote: “Ambassador for the company. Love him.”

“Give him a pay rise,” a fourth added.

Another penned: “EasyJet treasure this man!”

An EasyJet spokesperson said: “At easyJet we believe that our people should be able to bring their personality to work and are proud to see our crew going the extra mile to make our safety procedures memorable for our customers.”