‘I’m too hot to drop my kid off at nursery – mums give me the death stare’

An OnlyFans model says she is TOO HOT to drop off her child at nursery – as fellow mums are worried she could steal their husbands.

Lena Nersesian, 31, who has more than 1.6 million fans on YouTube, went viral after revealing that she lets friends sleep with her partner, Adam John Grandmaison.

Now she has hit the headlines once again – after she told of the cold shoulders she faces from fellow parents at nursery.

She lives in Los Angeles with their toddler daughter, and partner Adam, and claims mums “give her a wide berth” at nursery.

“I think some of these mum’s think I’m going to strip and start having sex with their husbands right there if they don’t watch my every move,” Lena said.

“In their minds, I’m some kind of perverted sexual beast that wants to sleep with anything that moves. I mean ‘come on? Who does that?’

“I’m not a homewrecker; I’m a successful blogger, entrepreneur and businesswoman who has built my brand up from nothing.

“My fiancé is just as successful and we have respect for ourselves and others, regardless of what some people may think.

“They can give me all the death stares they want – frankly, I couldn’t care less. If anything, it reflects badly on them.”

Despite her success, Lena, who also has a degree in psychology and used to work with disabled children in the past, says her business skills fall on “deaf ears” as critics can’t see past the sex.

She said: “It’s sad in a way but only for them. It’s 2022 and people should be able to see beyond lazy stereotypes.

“Unfortunately, they are still well-entrenched with some people but there is nothing I can do about that.

“I just hope that the next generation isn’t as afflicted by them as the current ones.”

Lena met Adam, a professional BMX rider and blogger, in 2016 and the pair began performing on OnlyFans together a year later.

Outside of their unconventional work lives, the pair enjoy a normal family life consisting of home-cooked meals, day trips to the park, and movie nights.

She said: “I hate to disappoint but most of my home life is incredibly normal and very unexciting.

“I’m a big foodie and love cooking for the family; it could be anything from baking to a roast but it is great family time together.

“I have Armenian heritage and family is incredibly important in that culture. We celebrate milestones like when my daughter had her first tooth last year.

“For me, it helps her understand her culture and is also a great reason to get together as a family. Those are the happiest times for me.”

Lena also recently launched a new podcast series called Touchy Subject, where interviewees, including fellow OnlyFans stars, bare their souls, and no subject is off-limits.

She hopes to set an example for her son and for other women that you can be sexual, work and still be a great parent.

She added: “Working as a performer has given me immense freedom to pursue my goals. I had a bit of time off after I had my daughter and it allowed me to reassess what I wanted to do.

“Being a mom is the most important job in the world and whenever I am not with my daughter I feel guilty. But I still want to work and I don’t think that women should feel they have to choose.

“It may not be to everyone’s taste but I love it and it makes me feel sexy and fulfilled. It also puts a roof over my family and food on the table.

“If that is not freedom and progression for women, then I don’t know what is.”